3 Common Commercial HVAC Problems to Be Aware of in Rolesville, NC

Maintaining your commercial HVAC unit can be a costly undertaking. Performing regular maintenance on it, however, can help keep these costs to a minimum. Here are three common issues with commercial HVAC systems in Rolesville, NC.

Inefficient Unit

Your HVAC unit doesn’t have to quit working altogether to pose problems. An inefficient unit can wreak havoc on your wallet, wasting countless dollars in unnecessary energy expenses each month.

When your unit becomes inefficient, the system must work much harder to produce the same results in your building. That means you’ll get more expensive energy bills until you reach out to a technician about possible solutions.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Maybe you’ve noticed the air in your space has become a little thicker, or perhaps you’ve caught yourself sneezing or coughing more than usual. This could mean you have indoor air quality problems, which can often be solved by replacing the air filter in your unit.

Poor indoor air quality can also point to dirty ductwork. Additionally, if you’ve noticed the humidity in your space increasing recently, this could be a sure sign that your unit requires a tune-up.

Loud or Unusual Noises During Operation

If you hear a weird noise coming from your commercial HVAC, it could signal an issue with your system. Generally speaking, the louder the noise, the more problematic the issue.

A small hum could mean your fluids need a top off, while a loud clanging could mean that a component within your compressor has broken apart and is now hitting another object within the machine. Squealing noises, on the other hand, could point to a fan that needs lubrication or replacement. Either way, maintenance should be performed immediately.

If you have recently noticed any of these problems with your unit, it could be time to call in the help of a professional. Reach out to the licensed technicians at Mitchell Heating & Cooling to see how your HVAC problems can be resolved.

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