3 IAQ Tips for Your Raleigh Home During the Spring

Clean indoor air is essential for health and vitality. If you have allergies or respiratory problems, it’s especially important to keep your air fresh. Raleigh’s energy-efficient homes are especially prone to poor indoor air quality caused by insufficient ventilation. Ensure that your indoor air is as clean as possible by employing these three IAQ tips:

1. Increase Ventilation

Tightly-sealed Raleigh homes can save you a bundle on utility costs by preventing cooled and heated air from getting out. However, lack of ventilation can cause a variety of pollutants to collect in your indoor air. Whole-house mechanical ventilators can be an economical way to move fresh outdoor air inside while moving stale indoor air outside. Energy-recovery systems can even save you money on ventilation energy costs.

2. Take HVAC Maintenance Seriously

A dirty HVAC system can harbor viruses, bacteria, spores, pet dander, pollen, dust and mites. These unwanted visitors are then blown into your home to invade your personal space. Condensate drip pans can easily become contaminated with microbes and emit foul odors indoors. Take care of your unit by giving it a thorough cleaning every year to remove all of last year’s accumulated gunk.

3. Keep Air Filters Clean

It’s easy to forget to change your air filter. However, the filter is your HVAC’s first line of defense against contaminants. If not changed when needed, it can get clogged with dirty grit. That gunk can impact your indoor air quality negatively. Filters with a MERV of 5 or more can help to improve indoor air quality. Those with a pleated filter and a MERV of 10 or 11 can reduce airborne irritants that set off allergies and asthma.

At Mitchell Heating & Cooling, we can help you have cleaner indoor air. Our air purification systems can be customized to suit your needs. Call us at (919) 948-3263 for additional IAQ tips.

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