3 Tips for Troubleshooting Ductless HVAC Issues in Raleigh, NC

Most mini-split failures result from improper installation. Mini-splits can last for over 10 years, but they’re susceptible to breakage if poorly maintained or installed in regions that experience harsh and unpredictable weather. Here are three tips for troubleshooting ductless HVAC issues in Raleigh, NC.

1. Communication Issues

A proper communication wire is essential to a properly functioning mini-split. Improper wiring often leads to a poor signal, damaged compressor and loud noises.

You should use the 14-gauge, 4-conductor wire for most mini-split systems. It would be best to use stranded wires since a solid-core wire might result in many issues. You should use an armored cable if you’re using the unit in a commercial HVAC application.

2. Grounding Issues

Grounding is essential for any device, and air conditioners are no different. Nowadays, miniature computers control boards of modern mini-splits, making them susceptible to power surges and stray electrical energy. Grounding your unit helps to keep stray energy from reaching the board.

Improper grounding might cause issues like improper operation, and in the worst cases, lead to compressor or board failure. You should make sure your wire connections are correct. If you’re not sure about the grounding, consult a professional electrician.

3. Refrigerant Issues

Most modern mini splits use R-410A refrigerant since it’s environmentally friendly compared to the previous versions. It’s important to handle this refrigerant with care since it operates under higher pressure to function properly. Although most systems come with refrigerant precharged, you might need to add more depending on the line set’s length.

The installation manual will also specify the proper weight required per foot of line set. You should follow this instruction. An improper amount might damage your system.

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