4 Signs Your Rolesville, NC Air Conditioner Needs an AC Repair

A properly working air conditioning system is essential to keeping you comfortable and cool during the hot summers in Rolesville, NC. You will know that your air conditioning system is not working properly if it isn’t keeping your home cool. Here are other common signs to look for that indicate you need an AC repair.

No Cool Air

You definitely need AC repair if you aren’t feeling cold air in your home. There are a number of problems that can cause this, including a coolant line leak, a malfunctioning compressor or an electrical shortage. It could even be that the motor in your air conditioner has failed.

Excessive Noise

It’s normal to hear some noises when your air conditioner is working properly. However, squealing, clanking and banging noises aren’t normal and indicate that the AC needs to be checked out and repaired.

A buzzing noise, for example, can mean a loose motor part or a clogged condenser line. Both of which can lead to bigger problems if not promptly fixed.

Foul Odors

You may smell a musty smell if your air conditioning unit is in need of repair. This could signal a dirty condensation drain, bacterial growth or dirty coils. An annual HVAC maintenance inspection by our professionals can assist in detecting these problems before it’s too late.

Expensive Bills

You should know roughly how much your energy bills cost every month. You may have a faulty air conditioning system if your electrical bill suddenly skyrockets. This suggests your system is having to work extra hard to make up for any faults, resulting in higher energy use and extra costs.

Contact Mitchell Heating & Cooling as soon as you notice one of these symptoms to schedule an air conditioning repair. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort due to a faulty system. We are here to help you remain comfortable and cool all summer long.

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