4 Surprising Holiday Allergy Triggers You Should Be Aware of

The holiday season is when families and friends come together and spend quality time, making memories, and enjoying each other’s company. If you’re hosting your family in Rolesville, North Carolina, you’ll want to watch out for allergy triggers that could create the wrong kind of holiday memories.

Holiday Decorations

While most people aren’t allergic to natural trees, the moisture and biological growth that comes along with the natural beauty can trigger allergy symptoms. Stored decorations can also be a cause of a sudden allergy attack. Dust, dust mites, and other allergens can find their way into your storage areas. To be extra considerate of allergy sufferers, an artificial tree that’s cleaned each year and stored in a cool, dry place is your best bet.


While candles are beautiful and often have a pleasant smell, you’ll want to be careful of the candles you’re using. Scented candles, air fresheners, and artificial fragrances can carry volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde, alcohols, esters, and limonene. Breathing these VOCs can cause headaches, dizziness, asthma attacks, and respiratory inflammation. If you choose to burn candles, be sure to open windows and use them in moderation.

Pet Dander

If you’re visiting family or friends with pets, you’ll want to be extra vigilant. Wash your hands often to keep fur and dander off your face. Keep the animals away from your sleeping area and clothing. Be proactive and take antihistamines throughout your visit. This will lessen allergy symptoms and fight your body’s immune response.


These famous holiday-specific plants are lovely to look at but hold a variety of secrets. Some people are allergic to the pollen in their flowers while some are allergic to the latex compound in their leaves. The chemical compound that is similar to latex rubber causes severe allergic reactions including wheezing, skin rashes, chest pains, and a drop in blood pressure. Check with your guests if you’re planning to decorate with poinsettias.

Enjoy your holidays by being aware of potential allergy triggers. Good indoor air quality makes everyone more comfortable. Contact our professionals at Mitchell Heating & Cooling at 919-948-3263 for more help with your indoor air quality.

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