Don’t Buy Your Furnace at a Hardware Store in Rolesville, NC

Buying a furnace is unlike most other purchases you’ll make for your Rolesville, NC, home. However, you might want to visit a big box hardware store to see available systems the way you do when purchasing other types of appliances. While it’s fine to look at the selections, here are some reasons you don’t want to purchase your next furnace from a hardware store.

Furnace Sizing Challenges

When you’re installing a furnace, it’s important to get the proper size for your home. A common misconception is that you only need your home’s square footage to calculate the proper size. The situation is more complicated than that.

Seasoned HVAC professionals use a formula called the Manual J calculation to determine the right size. This calculation takes into account variables such as occupants, home construction and heat-producing appliances.

A salesperson at a hardware store won’t have this level of detail, and customers are more apt to purchase the wrong size heating system. The result is higher energy bills, increased furnace repairs and a shorter service life.

You Want the Factory Warranty

You may think that you can save on furnace installation by purchasing it at a hardware store and installing it yourself. However, when you attempt this, you’re likely voiding the factory warranty that comes with the heating system. Most manufacturer warranties stipulate that a professional HVAC service technician must perform the installation and service.

Work With the Pros

While it’s tempting to buy a furnace from a place where you feel like you’re in control, it’s also risky. Take the control you want while also leveraging the expertise of seasoned HVAC professionals. We service residents of Roseville and the entire Raleigh area, so call today to schedule a consultation with one of our trusted furnace installation service technicians at Mitchell Heating & Cooling.

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