Is Your Heat Pump in Rolesville, NC, Crying for Help?

Your heat pump has performed efficiently over the years without making any noises or showing any severe problems. However, you recently noticed that the system has started making noises. If your heat pump in Rolesville, NC, makes these noises, have it checked by an HVAC expert:


Metal banging sounds from your heat pump indicate loose components hitting on the fan blades. It could be defective compressors, loose belts or foreign objects hitting hard on the unit’s metal parts. Soon after discovering metal banging sounds, talk with a qualified HVAC service provider to get the issue diagnosed and fixed.


Heat pumps utilize refrigerants to transport heat from different areas. The unit relies on pressure to convert the refrigerant from gas to liquid and back. When the system starts making hissing sounds, it indicates that your pressurized refrigerant is leaking or has reduced below the recommended levels.


Your heat pump will continually make buzzing sounds when in defrost mode. However, when the system makes loud buzzing sounds and doesn’t cycle on, it could signify an electrical problem. Defective coils and contacts could also cause buzzing sounds.

Get a professional heat pump specialist to assess the system for electrical faults such as electrical disconnect, stalled fan, stuck relay switch, failed capacitor or defective motor. Experts know how to identify the exact cause of the buzzing sound and troubleshoot the problem before it becomes bigger and causes more problems.

When you notice that your heat pump is crying for help by making these sounds, you need to seek professional HVAC assistance. For all your air conditioning repair and installation service needs, contact our qualified team at Mitchell Heating & Cooling now. We are your go-to company with years of combined experience and boosting a large following and dozens of client testimonials.

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