5 Problems Caused by Poor Indoor Air Quality in Charleston, SC

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the purity, healthiness and cleanliness of the air inside your Charleston, SC, home. Various indoor contaminants can reduce your air quality and lead to unfortunate consequences. Learn about four of the most common issues poor indoor air quality can cause.

Excessive Dust

You may notice that you’re having to dust and wipe down your surfaces more often than usual when your indoor air worsens. Your curtains and blinds may require more frequent cleaning, while the carpets and rugs in your home may need additional vacuuming. If your home has above-average humidity, this can also attract dust mites.

Respiratory Issues

Pet dander, dust and volatile organic compounds may cause respiratory issues, especially if you have a pre-existing respiratory problem. You may experience symptoms like wheezing, sneezing and coughing. These pollutants could also worsen asthma symptoms.

Poor Sleep Quality

The air you breathe when you sleep has an impact on your sleep quality. Air with too many pollutants could make it difficult to breathe normally, which can disrupt your sleep patterns. You might notice daytime drowsiness, fatigue or insomnia.

Property Damage

Certain pollutants and excess humidity could damage different areas in your home. Over time, you might notice peeling paint, warped wooden furniture and corroded electronic equipment.

Allergic Reactions

Airborne pollutants may trigger an allergic reaction, causing you to experience symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes, skin irritation and itching. Excess pet dander in the air is a common culprit.

To properly address your home’s IAQ, you need to identify the sources of pollution and develop a plan to eradicate them. Methods like improved ventilation, regular cleaning and balancing humidity levels can enhance your home’s indoor air. Call us at Mitchell Heating & Cooling today to discuss professional IAQ solutions for your home in Charleston, SC.

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