5 Signs of a Damaged Heat Exchanger in Wake Forest, NC

The heat exchanger allows the circulating air to absorb the warm air your furnace produces. However, a damaged heat exchanger is one of the risks of running a furnace. Consider these five signs that your furnace in Wake Forest, NC, may have a damaged heat exchanger.

Unusual Smells

Your heat exchanger is part of the system that vents the exhaust from the burning fuel to the air outside. If it’s damaged to a point that it allows that exhaust to seep out, you may notice an unusual smell. It’s a strong chemical odor, which some describe as smelling like formaldehyde.

Rattling Sounds

Your furnace may have a rattling sound for any number of reasons. A cracked heat exchanger will allow more flexing while it’s warming up at the beginning of the cycle. The result is a metallic rattling sound until the component reaches the operational temperature.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

One of the gases produced as part of the exhaust with your furnace is carbon monoxide. A damaged heat exchanger allows this potentially lethal gas to leak out with other exhaust gases. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, there’s a good chance that you have a cracked heat exchanger.

Yellow or Orange Flame

In a furnace that has an efficiently burning fuel, the burner flame will appear blue. A yellow or orange flame indicates a serious problem. Your service technician will check the efficiency of the fuel burn during routine furnace maintenance.

Water Puddling Around the Furnace

Puddles around your furnace can indicate a problem with the condensate drain, but also a problem with the heat exchanger. Furnace exhaust has moisture in it, and if it leaks out into your home, that moisture will condense. The result is excess moisture on the ground around your system.

Don’t put your family at risk with a cracked heat exchanger. Call to schedule your furnace repair or replacement with one of our NATE-certified service technicians at Mitchell Heating & Cooling.

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