4 Signs of a Dirty AC Evaporator Coil in Durham, NC

An evaporator coil in an air conditioner will fail to work efficiently when dirt and debris accumulate. Understanding the signs of a dirty air conditioning evaporator coil enables homeowners in Durham, NC, to seek professional help before the coil’s efficiency deteriorates. Let’s discuss some signs of a dirty AC evaporator coil:

AC System Has a Frozen Evaporator Coil

The refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air at the evaporator coil. When dirt and debris build up on the coil with time, they coat it and create a layer that prevents the refrigerant from absorbing enough heat.

Water vapor develops when the refrigerant doesn’t absorb enough heat. The moisture that accumulates on the AC evaporator coil will freeze.

Air Conditioner Runs Constantly

When dirt and debris prevent the refrigerant from absorbing enough heat from your indoor air, your AC system cannot achieve the temperatures set on the thermostat. As a result, the thermostat cannot signal the air conditioner to stop working.

When your air conditioner works without taking breaks, its parts undergo excessive strain and will consume too much energy. Schedule maintenance services to have your AC evaporator coil cleaned to prevent the system from running continuously.

Home Has Inconsistent Temperatures

Since the refrigerant draws very little heat from your indoor air through the dirty evaporator coil, most indoor air remains uncooled. As a result, you’ll notice uneven temperature distribution in your house.

High Levels of Indoor Humidity

An AC system’s evaporator coil draws excessive moisture from the indoor air to make your living space comfortable. The moisture goes to a drain pan via a drain line to the outdoor environment. When dirt and debris clog the evaporator coil, the coil cannot absorb enough moisture.

When your air conditioner displays these signs, don’t ignore it. Call the air conditioning experts at Mitchell Heating & Cooling to have it inspected. We will clean your coils and address any other problems lowering your AC system’s efficiency.

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