Is It Time to Replace My Heat Pump in Durham, NC?

If you take care of your heat pump, it should last between 10 and 15 years. However, due to deterioration from use and other variables, there comes a moment when replacing your heat pump is the best choice. Here are some warning indications that it’s time to replace your heat pump in Durham, NC:

Age of Your Heat Pump

Age is undoubtedly a key factor in replacing any electro-mechanical system, including your heat pump. A heat pump has a 15-year life span on average. However, as systems age, repairs become more frequent and expensive. This can make owning an old system a financial burden for any person.

Frequent Heat Pump Repairs

After a few years of use, it’s typical for some parts to fail. But if your heat pump keeps breaking down repeatedly, it might be best to replace it.

In the long run, replacing a troublesome heat pump is worth the expense for your comfort and peace of mind. If you’re spending more than half the cost of a new system on annual repairs, it’s time to consider investing in a new heat pump.

High Utility Bills

A substantial increase in your energy costs may be another indication that your heat pump is no longer effective. If your utility bills continue to rise despite routine maintenance for no obvious cause, your heat pump is working too hard to maintain your desired temperature.

You may occasionally need to replace one or more components in your heat pump to solve the problem. If these repairs don’t improve your system’s efficiency, you should consider a heat pump replacement.

It might be time to think about scheduling a heat pump replacement if you have observed any of the signs mentioned above. Contact Mitchell Heating & Cooling for reliable heat pump services in Durham, NC.

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