Understanding How HVAC Systems Impact Sleep in Wake Forest, NC

Awakening refreshed and ready in the morning can be the difference between having a great day or a run-of-the-mill one in Wake Forest, NC. This article will discuss how the HVAC system in your home can impact a good night’s sleep.

Indoor Air Quality and Sleep

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can irritate your respiratory system, resulting in troubled sleep. Modern homes are energy efficient because they do a good job insulating the interior from outside weather. However, they may lack sufficient air exchange to maintain high IAQ levels. Our HVAC professionals can evaluate your system and offer suggestions to improve the air quality in your house.

Humidity and Sleep

Muggy and damp conditions resulting from high humidity in your home may ruin a good night’s rest. Alternatively, an arid environment can cause itchy skin and a dry throat, which aren’t great for bouncing out of bed in the morning. You may have to adjust the humidity level in your home with the help of a professional to improve the quality of your sleep.

Inconsistent Temperatures and Sleep

Many people prefer it a little cooler when they go to bed. Setting the thermostat lower at night can save money in the winter. However, if your HVAC system doesn’t maintain a consistent temperature, you could wake up when you get too hot or too cold during the night. A faulty thermostat or another issue could be the culprit; one of our HVAC professionals can fix the problem so you wake up ready to take on your day.

High indoor air quality, the right humidity level and a uniform nighttime temperature in your home can help you rest more fully so you can tackle the day’s tasks with a bounce in your step. Contact Mitchell Heating & Cooling so that we can diagnose any issues impacting your sleep quality or set up a maintenance appointment to ensure your system operates optimally in the future.

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