What Does Ductless Air Conditioning Maintenance Entail?

Ductless units are cost-effective and efficient options for your Rolesville, North Carolina, home. Keep your units running in top-notch condition all season long by scheduling a maintenance visit by trusted professionals before the hotter weather starts. Find out what ductless air conditioning maintenance entails.

Professional Maintenance Visit Tasks

A professional maintenance visit is more than cleaning your unit; it is about ensuring your unit is in its best possible condition and preventing any future breakdowns, especially before drastic weather changes. Here are some maintenance tasks you can expect from your visit:

  • Complete safety inspection and performance check.
  • Lubricate any applicable parts.
  • Clean dust and debris.
  • Inspect and change filters where applicable.
  • Tighten electrical connections.
  • Check airflow settings.

Do It Yourself Ductless Maintenance Tasks

We normally recommend scheduling professional maintenance twice a year, once during spring and another during fall. In the meantime, there are a lot of do it yourself (DIY) tasks you can perform to ensure your system stays in top shape in between visits.

1. Ensure the unit is unobstructed. Make sure furniture or art pieces aren’t obstructing your ductless AC unit’s output. Every unit should have at least four feet of clear space surrounding it to cool or heat your home efficiently.

2. Clean and replace your air filters. Air filters seem like a small component of a big unit, but they are the heart of your system’s performance. Use a dry cloth to gently wipe the filters clear of dirt and dust.

3. Think about the coil and condenser. Clean your unit’s coil and condenser weekly or biweekly to prevent your system from experiencing any issues while keeping your home comfortable. Make sure you turn off your system before doing so.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Maintenance

Ductless air conditioning systems are a significant investment for your home. Although their installation process is quicker and more cost-efficient than central HVAC systems, ductless air conditioners require a larger monetary investment for the unit itself. Make your investment worth it by ensuring your unit receives proper maintenance. This will lead to the following benefits:

  • A longer lifespan
  • More efficient cooling and heating
  • Lower repair and utility costs
  • Better indoor air quality

Our team at Mitchell Heating & Cooling is trained in ductless AC installation, repair and maintenance. Call us today to learn more about our maintenance service agreements.

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