What These 4 Heat Pump Noises Mean in Rolesville, NC

A heat pump helps your Rolesville, NC, home remain comfortable year-round. Learning what the noises it produces mean helps you know when to contact the pros. Look at the following five sounds it might make and what those noises mean:

Humming Sounds

A humming or buzzing noise happens when electricity moves through your heat pump — it’s a sign that the system is operating normally. If you hear a clicking noise that goes away after a few minutes, it’s signaling that the heat pump started the way it should. However, the sounds below may indicate there’s something wrong and your system may need repairs or maintenance.


A thumping noise is a common sign that something is hitting the blade, such as a broken tree branch or other debris. Even if nothing is close by, the thumping sound may persist because something threw the blade off-balance.


When your refrigerant level is low, the heat pump can make a gurgling or hissing noise as it tries to use the remaining amount. You may also see an increase in your energy bills alongside the gurgling, as the system needs to work harder to make up for the lack of refrigerant. Never attempt DIY refrigerant repairs; always hire a pro to prevent damage or injury.


If you hear a grinding noise, it usually means that the system lacks proper lubrication. Chances are the metal components of your heat pump system are scraping against each other, producing the noise.

Though heat pumps do make noise when they’re operating well, they shouldn’t produce any alarming sounds. Your system should be relatively quiet. If you hear any noises you don’t recognize and live in Rolesville, NC, turn to us. Contact Mitchell Heating & Cooling to learn about our heat pump services and to schedule an appointment with our team.

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