Why Does My Heat Pump Make My Home Smell Funny?

A heat pump is a terrific heating alternative to a traditional furnace for your home in Charleston, SC. Unfortunately, when an issue arises with a heat pump, it leads to funny smells seeping into your house. Here are some possible reasons your heat pump makes your home smell funny and what you can do to resolve the problem:

Sewer Smells

Sewer smells are very distinct but aren’t necessarily caused by your heat pump. With this specific foul odor, it’s likely that you have a backed-up sewer line in your home and your heat pump is just circulating the smell rather than causing it.

Burning Plastic or Rubber

Whenever you experience a burning smell, don’t ignore it. A burning plastic or rubber smell coming out of your heat pump means something is wrong with the internal wiring. Conducting regular maintenance will prevent issues with your heat pump where overheating is the byproduct.

Rotten Fish

If your heat pump is giving off a rotten fish smell, you’ll surely know it as your home’s indoor air quality will suffer. This disgusting smell occurs when there is overheating within your heat pump. This could mean there is something wrong with the wiring or rubber components started to melt.

Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs happens when a dead animal or critter found its way into your heat pump’s ducts. Small animals will seek warmth within your heat pump’s ducts and can meet their demise. The decomposing carcass will give off the foul rotten egg smell.

A heat pump is an excellent energy-efficient way to heat your home but isn’t immune to issues. Bad smells, such as sewage, burning plastic or rubber, rotten fish and rotten eggs, can emanate from a heat pump but are often easy to fix. If you’re having issues with your heat pump, contact us at Mitchell Heating & Cooling today to schedule a repair appointment in Charleston, SC.

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