Why Won’t My Heat Pump n Rolesville, NC, Stay On?

Your heat pump should cycle for 10 to 15 minutes to make your home in Rolesville, NC, cool and comfortable. There should ideally be two to three such cycles in an hour. Short cycles are a sign that your heat pump has issues; here are the most common possibilities.

Trouble Circulating Air

Short-cycling usually occurs because the system is overheating and must shut down prematurely as a safety precaution. Overheating, in its turn, can arise because of some blockage to airflow raising the temperature.

There are three things you could look into doing as a solution. First, unblock any vents if you have furniture or something else against them. Then, replace the air filter every 90 days and have the air ducts professionally cleaned every few years.

Refrigerant is Leaking

A heat pump, whether it’s in cooling or heating mode, needs a chemical called refrigerant to do its job. Every heat pump comes with a proper refrigerant “charge” or level. If levels dip below the standard, normally through a leaking pipe, then your system will overheat and seize up before cooling your home.

Heat Pump is Too Big

Lastly, an oversized heat pump will switch on and off rapidly because its cooling capacity is too great for the home. Besides that, the cooling will be uneven, which you’ll be able to recognize when you go from room to room. All you can do as a solution is to replace the system and schedule the installation of something more appropriate for your home’s size.

Contact Mitchell Heating & Cooling today to address address short-cycling and prevent it with yearly maintenance. We’re a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, and we’ve assembled a team of NATE-certified service technicians. Each service technician goes to training school annually, stays updated on HVAC technology and can service all makes and models.

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