3 Dangers of Repairing Your Own Furnace

Every furnace inevitably needs some repair, some of which seem relatively simple at first glance. Whether you’re repairing a furnace still under warranty or one that’s quickly aging, it’s never wise to do it yourself. Consider these three dangers of attempting to repair your Durham, NC, furnace yourself.

Health and Safety Risks

Remember that your furnace uses combustible fuel to generate heat. It’s generally safe to operate as long as whoever conducts the repairs follows all safety protocols.

Professional HVAC service technicians receive training on how to conduct furnace repairs while maintaining their operational integrity. Of specific concern are things that could lead to gas or carbon monoxide leaks. In addition to the process of completing repairs, professional service technicians also perform testing to ensure there aren’t dangerous leaks.

Voiding the Factory Warranty

When you have a newer furnace, you expect to have the factory parts warranty to rely on for premature repairs. However, when you dig into the terms of that warranty, you’ll find that most require professionals to provide any needed service. Likewise, factory warranties on parts often require professional installation.

In addition to repairs provided by properly trained professionals, furnace factory warranties also require professional furnace maintenance. Trying to save a few bucks by doing your own maintenance may leave you without your warranty protection.

Invalidating Homeowner’s Insurance

Your homeowner’s insurance may also have some terms regarding who can perform furnace service. Attempting to conduct your own repairs may invalidate your insurance should you need to file a furnace-related claim. Read the full terms of your policy and discuss this particular item with your agent to ensure you remain compliant.

Keep your home safe and comfortable by getting your unit repaired by an experienced team. Call to schedule your furnace repair appointment with our trusted service technicians at Mitchell Heating & Cooling today.

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